Top Gun Maverick Green Bomber Parachute Jacket

$115 $185


  • Material : Parachute
  • Front : Zipper Closure
  • Sleeves : Full Length
  • Cuffs : Rib-knitted Cuffs
  • Inner : Viscose Lining

Top Gun Maverick Green Bomber Jacket

Attention, Top Gun enthusiasts and style daredevils! Prepare to soar through the clouds of fashion with the Top Gun Maverick Green Bomber Parachute Jacket. It's a parachute-powered style extravaganza for those who live life on the fashion edge and can't resist the allure of Maverick's legendary coolness. So, fasten your seatbelts, because this jacket is about to take your style on a wild ride!

Imagine this: Parachute material is your ticket to a stylish freefall. It's a fashion leap into the unknown, ready to catch the winds of style and parachute you into the realms of iconic coolness. Slip it on, and suddenly you're gearing up for a fashion jump that Maverick himself would salute.

The front zipper closure isn't just a practical fastening; it's your invitation to a sartorial skydive. Each zip is like the exhilarating rush of a parachute opening, signaling your descent into the world of daring style. This closure is your fashion ripcord, initiating a style drop that's both thrilling and undeniably cool.

Full-length sleeves with rib-knitted cuffs feel like your style wings. This Maverick Green Bomber Jacket is a wingman for your fashion missions, ensuring you're on point whether you're soaring through the urban skyline or cruising at a stylish altitude.

Inner viscose lining is the cozy cocoon for your style freefall. Face a wearable adventure, where the inner lining is the navigator, making sure your style journey is as smooth as a parachute landing.

Green is the signature shade of Maverick's high-flying wardrobe. The Top Gun Maverick Green Bomber Parachute Jacket is the essence of Top Gun style – bold, adventurous, and undeniably cool.

It's a style freefall, a Maverick-inspired plunge where every step is a leap into the world of daring coolness!