Detroit Lions Wool Varsity Jacket

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Roddie Detroit Lions Wool Black Varsity Jacket

All Lions fans, check out the Detroit Lions Wool Jacket—repping your team in a cozy, cool way. The body's mostly wool and a bit of polyester, making it warm and tough, just like our Lions on the field.

We've got the sleeves made from that tough stuff called polyurethane—they're like the fashion defense. Ready to tackle any style hassle with the coolness of a game-winning move. This Detroit Varsity Jacket is a mix of warmth and strength, like celebrating a big win after a game.

Now, let's seal in comfort on the inside. The polyester lining that we Have use is quilted. Kind of like your favorite comfy blanket from when you were a kid. Because this Detroit Lions Varsity Jacket isn't just something you throw on. It's a cozy shield, keeping you warm like watching the game from your best spot on the couch.

But the cool part? A Lions logo is embroider on the front and Detroit Lions on the back. Also, there's a Lions logo on the right pocket and an NFC logo on the chest. So be ready to defeat all the style obstacles.

Detroit Lions Men's Wool Varsity Jacket

This Detroit Lions Letterman Jacket is all about that effortless, sporty vibe. It's for those who bleed blue and silver, for anyone who sees fashion as a chill game, and for those who know true style is just about having fun.

The Detroit Lions Varsity Jacket is a style touchdown, a shout-out to team spirit, and a laid-back way to cheer for our Lions. Whether you're strolling the streets with that game-day feeling, kicking back at a tailgate, or just throwing it on for some extra flair, this jacket is your cheer for that easygoing, varsity coolness!


  • This inspired piece celebrates iconic designs, not official merchandise but a homage to its legacy.