Shadowhunters Clary Fray Leather Jacket

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Shadowhunters Clary Fray Katherine Leather biker Jacket

Dive into the world of Shadowhunters with the iconic Clary Fray Leather Jacket, a piece that marries style with the essence of your favorite demon hunter. Because this Clary Fray Jacket isn't just a piece of clothing; it's a statement of strength and style, inspired by Clary Fairchild's fearless character. Crafted from Real Leather in a sleek Black colour, it promises durability and a timeless look.

The Shadowhunter Clary Jacket features a comfortable inner viscose lining, ensuring you stay cozy whether you're battling demons or braving the urban jungle. Its snap tab collar and zip closing front offer a modern silhouette, making it versatile for any occasion. With quarter sleeves with zipper cuffs and zipper pockets, functionality meets fashion in every detail.

Beyond Fashion The Statement Clary Fray Jacket

Perfect for fans who admire Clary Fray's style or anyone looking to add a touch. Of rebellion to their wardrobe, this jacket is more than just apparel. It's a piece of the Shadowhunter world, brought to life. The Clary Leather Jacket is not just about looks; but it's about making a statement. Whether paired with jeans for a casual day out or draped over a dress for an evening look,. This jacket is as adaptable as Clary herself.


  • This inspired piece celebrates iconic designs, not official merchandise but a homage to its legacy.