Being Scared is Being Alive Hoodie

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With its distinctive style and powerful message, the Being Scared is Being Alive Hoodie is a garment that exudes boldness. This hoodie is perfect for cool days or leisurely evenings, as it's crafted from soft material.. Premium fleece, which ensures warmth and comfort. It is perfect for daily wear because of the viscose lining inside, which improves overall comfort.

The striking "Being Scared is Being Alive" graphic looks amazing against the clean white tone of this sweatshirt. The pullover style keeps a sleek profile while making dressing easier. The kangaroo pockets provide warm shelter for chilly hands or easy access for storing necessities. The hemline and cuffs are knitt with ribs to provide a close fit that wards. Off the cold and increases the garment's endurance.

Being Scared is Being Alive Sweatshirt

The Being Alive Hoodie is more than just casual wear; it's a conversation starter and a reflective piece that resonates with anyone who values living life fully, embracing both fears and joys. Whether you're out with friends, at a casual gathering, or enjoying some alone time, this hoodie offers comfort and a reminder of the vibrancy of life.

Add this hoodie to your wardrobe to not only make a fashion statement but also express a deeper message through your attire. It's ideal for those who appreciate thoughtful, expressive clothing that combines style with substance.


  • This inspired piece celebrates iconic designs, not official merchandise but a homage to its legacy.