Princess Diana Philadelphia Eagles Jacket

$110 $160
  • Wool Material
  • Rib Collar 
  • Full Sleeves
  • Buttoned Closure
  • Inner in Viscose Lining
  • Two Pockets on the Waist
  • Eagle Label on Jacket

Princess Diana Eagles Jacket

Step into royalty: The Princess Diana Philadelphia Eagles Jacket. In the realm where elegance meets the fervor of sports, emerges the Princess Diana Philadelphia Eagles Jacket—a regal garment that fuses the grace of royalty with the adrenaline of the playing field. This jacket's every thread weaves a tale of majestic allure and sporting zeal.

Picture a material that transcends the ordinary and embraces the extraordinary. The Wool Blend of this jacket feels like a magic carpet that carries you into the world of sophistication. It's a blend of fibers that echo the timeless elegance associated with Princess Diana, combined with the robust spirit of Philadelphia Eagles fandom.

Beneath the surface, experience the Viscose Lining—a royal caress against your skin. Its lining is a whisper of comfort, an echo of luxury that accompanies you whether you're cheering in the stadium or strolling through the regal gardens.

The Collar and Cuffs of this jacket redefine elegance. They are not mere embellishments; they are signatures of style. The Rib-Knitted Collar frames your face like the portraits in a palace, while the Cuffs embrace your wrists like bracelets worn by royalty.

As you fasten the Snap-Tab Button Closure, imagine unveiling grandeur. The color palette—Green and White—is a symphony of contrasts and harmony.

The Two Side Pockets are portals of utility. Picture them as treasure troves where you carry the essentials for your adventures.

For those who admire the timeless elegance of Princess Diana and cheer fervently for the Philadelphia Eagles, this Philadelphia Eagles Varsity Jacket is a bridge between two worlds.

So, drape yourself in this jacket, walk with the grace of royalty, and cheer with the fervor of an Eagles enthusiast—a sartorial celebration where elegance meets sportsmanship.