Christmas Mrs Santa Claus Women Hooded Costume

$125 $230


  • Velvet Material
  • Zipper Closure Front
  • Hooded Collar Style
  • Full Sleeves with Long Fur Cuffs
  • Belt for Waist Adjustment 
  • Extra Fur on Waist
  • Red Color

Women Christmas Santa Claus Costume

Get ready to sleigh the holiday fashion game with the Christmas Mrs. Santa Claus Women's Hooded Costume – a jingle-tastic wardrobe extravaganza! Crafted for those who live for the festive feels and dream of sugarplums dancing in their heads, this costume is more than threads and fluff.

Picture this: Velvet material that's softer than a marshmallow pillow fight. It's like wrapping yourself in the coziest Christmas snuggle. This costume is an RSVP to a holiday hug from Mrs. Claus herself.

The zipper closure front is a grand reveal of your festive alter ego. Unzip, and voila! You're the spirit of Mrs. Claus, ready to make the season merry and bright.

The hooded collar style is your personal Christmas halo. Pop it up, and suddenly, you're not just a holiday reveler; you're the fashion-forward Mrs. Santa, leading the parade of seasonal style.

Full sleeves with long fur cuffs are the extra sprinkle of holiday magic. This costume is shouting to the world, "I'm here to spread joy and look fabulous doing it!"

And the belt for waist adjustment? It's a belt for your ticket to Christmas couture chic. Cinch it tight, and sculpt a festive silhouette that Rudolph himself would envy.

Extra fur on the bottom hem adds flair to your holiday fashion game. This costume is Christmas whimsy, adorned with the trimmings that make you the belle of the festive ball.

The color red officially brings Christmas cheer. The Christmas Mrs. Santa Claus Women's Hooded Costume in red radiates the warmth and happiness of the holiday season.

It's for the holiday enthusiasts who believe in the magic of twinkle lights and candy cane wishes. So, whether you're hosting a festive feast, or joining a yuletide parade in your celebrations, the Christmas Mrs. Santa Claus Women's Hooded Costume is your festive fashion ticket.