Vintage Detroit Silver Satin Lions Starter Jacket

$117 $199


  • Satin Material
  • Full Sleeves With Rib Knitted Cuffs
  • Buttoned Closure Front
  • Lions Logo on Front
  • Inner In Viscose Lining

Dive headfirst into the neon-lit glory of yesteryears with the Detroit Lions Satin Jacket, because it's going to be catapulting you back to the era of mullets, power ballads, and Lions ruling the gridiron. This jacket scrapes time when fashion was as wild as the dance moves and victories were as legendary as the rock anthems.

Imagine this: Satin, the unsung hero of '80s glam, is a fabric of true varsity vibes, ready to transport you to a time when the game was fierce, and the fashion was fiercer. The Vintage Detroit Lions Jacket is a playlist of the era's energy—pulsating, vibrant, and unapologetically fun. Slip into it, and groove into the '80s scene with the kind of authenticity that can't be replicated.

Now, let's dive into the details that make this Vintage Detroit Lions Starter jacket an authentic time traveler. The Detroit Lions Vintage Jacket is a throwback to the era when every play was a spectacle and every Lions game was a cultural event. The Lions logo is such an emblem that it's like a time machine, a ticket to the days when fandom was as iconic as the album covers.

All of you who want to relive the days of Pac-Man and leg warmers, who understand that fashion is a nostalgic journey, and those who grasp that genuine style is a unique ode to a way of life.

Detroit Lions Satin Jacket is a laugh-out-loud trip into the world of authentic varsity energy. So, infuse your wardrobe with the spirit of a rad era, like it's a memory-making adventure, a celebration of the legit and hilariously fun world of the '80s Lions fandom!